Wildcats dispatch Santa Clara and look towards Sac State

cwu vs santa clara
CWU traveled 35 players to Santa Clara last Saturday in hopes of developing some young players and kicking off their season as the only independent team in D1-A Rugby this year. The Wildcats obliterated the host team 61-5 and 108-0 in the two match affair which provided Central with exactly what they needed as they turn their sites towards Sac State this weekend as the teams prepares for their 2nd trip to the golden state in as many weeks. Although the Wildcats are pleased with the results and total team victories on the weekend, Coach Ford and Pacheco are still looking for major improvements. “We need to develop more aggression at the point of contact, and we need to improve our lines of attack” said coach Ford after the match. Central knows the competition will continue to get harder as the season moves on and they face off against better skilled and more drilled opponents but after training inside for the last four weeks the Wildcats are going to be ready for Sac State which signals yet another opportunity to get outside and run.

Central was lead this weekend by the four try performance of Sean Wanigasekera along with teammates Jacob Bates, Aladdin Schirmer, Josh Bower, Tanner Barnes, Doug McKinley, and Shelby Williams who each scored 1 try a piece to lift the cats to 2-0 record.

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One Response to Wildcats dispatch Santa Clara and look towards Sac State

  1. Joseph Smith says:

    i was there. These boys mean BUSINESS

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